a phonetic type-and-clickwriter using IPA symbols in Unicode
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This tool requires the presence of one of the following fonts:

  • Arial Unicode MS (present in certain Microsoft systems)1: misplaces true Unicode double diacritics by one character.
  • Gentium (free non-commercial download)2
  • Lucida Sans Unicode (present in most Microsoft systems)1, 2: chops off the bottom of diacritics.
  • SILDoulosUnicodeIPA (free download)1, 2
  • TITUS Cyberbit Basic (free non-commercial download)1: misplaces syllabicity mark after basic character.
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    1Currently, 2003-09-15, this font suffers from deficiencies in details (only the worst mentioned).
    2Currently, 2003-09-15, this font lacks one or several symbols.

    Instructions for use:

    1. Use your keyboard or click the IPA symbols you want to appear in the text window. Diacritics are to be inserted after the basic character, double diacritics after the first basic character.

    2. Click the [Copy]-button and paste the text where you want it.

    The right to make Ipaklick accessible on the Web is reserved, but you may freely store a copy in your computer.


    'Superlinguistic' names of consonants (requires Microsoft-fonts) pdf-version

    H. Traunmüller | Dept. of Linguistics | Stockholm University