The APEX model as a tool in the specification of speaker-specific articulatory behavior  

Johan Stark, Christine Ericsdotter, Peter Branderud, Johan Sundberg*, Hans-Jerker Lundberg^ and Jaroslava Lander"

*Department of Speech, Music and Hearing, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
^Danderyd Hospital

Proceedings of the XIVth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (1999): 2279 - 2282
(San Francisco, USA)  


This paper presents a description of the APEX speech production model and some of its main current capabilities. We describe an ongoing X-ray project initiated to calibrate APEX according to individual speaker characteristics and to obtain data on how articulatory movements are coordinated in the coarticulation of Swedish vowels and stops. The mapping of the X-ray data onto APEX parameters is also illustrated.

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