Research Seminars in 1999

Spring Term

Björn Lindblom: Phonology - an emergent phenomenon in speech and language development

Eva Sundberg: The dialect of the North East Archipelago of Åland

Petur Helgason: Sound change is continuous, predictable and conditioned by perception

Christine Ericsdotter: Modelling lingual coarticulation in coronal stops

Fall Term

Anders Eriksson & Hartmut Traunmüller: Auditory perception of spacial distance and vocal effort in minimal utterances

Pétur Helgason: Discussion of thesis work on pre-aspiration

Bob McAllister: The acquisition of second language phonology and phonetics

Hartmut Traunmüller and Anders Eriksson: Shouts and whispers - acoustic effects of variation in vocal effort by men, women and 7 year old children

Francisco Lacerda and Ulla Sundberg: Auditory and articulatory biases influence the initial stages of the language acquisition process

Lena Bergström: Presentation of thesis work on Swedish dialects

Christine Ericsdotter Bresin, Olle Engstrand, Bob McAllister, Diana Krull: The trough in Swedish, English, German and French. EPG- and formant measurements

Microsymposium "Grammar, a prism of language" with contributions by Pétur Helgason, Päivi Juvonen, Lars Jäderberg and Camilla Wide

(Most of the seminars were held in Swedish. This list gives approximate English translations of their tiltles.)

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