Word accents in today's Orsa dialect: preliminary F0 measurements  

Eva Olander

Proceedings of the XIIIth Swedish Phonetics Conference (FONETIK 2000) Skövde, Sweden, May 24-26, 2000: 117-120.


In Meyer's pioneering dialect survey, the Orsa word accents were specified in terms of differentially timed single peaks appearing early (acute) vs. late (grave) in the stressed syllable of disyllabic words. This paper presents preliminary data on the accent contrast in the Orsa dialect as spoken today. Two Orsa speakers in their thirties produced several tokens of two minimally contrasting disyllabic words in focus and non-focus position. Even though F0 measurements indicated that the timing of the F0 peaks was similar to that reported by Meyer, the two accent contours had different shapes, the grave contour being lower and flatter than the acute contour. Thus, a timing predicting an earlier peak in the acute than in the grave F0 contour provides only a partial account for the data. An additional finding was that the F0 contrast between the grave and acute accents was not clearly preserved in words in post-focal position. However, further studies are needed to confirm the generality of these effects.

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