Dynamical aspects of coarticulation in Swedish fricatives - a combined EMA & EPG study  

Olov Engwall

Term paper in Phonetics Fall 2000
Department of Linguistics, Stockholm University

Published in TMH-QPSR 4/2000  


An electromagnetic articulography (EMA)system and electropalatography (EPG) have been employed to study five Swedish fricatives in different vowel contexts. Articulatory measures at the onset of,the mean value during,and at the offset of the fricative were used to evidence the coarticulation throughout the fricative.The contextual influence on these three different measurements of the fricative are compared and contrasted to evidence how the coarticulation changes.Measures were made for the jaw motion, lip protrusion, tongue body with EMA and linguo-palatal contact with EPG. The data from the two sources were further combined and assessed for complementary and conflicting results.

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