Electropalatography used as a method for the establishing of normal articulatory patterns of Swedish speech sounds  

Josefina Larsson

Term paper in Phonetics Spring 2000
Department of Linguistics, Stockholm University  


In this study electropalatography was used as a method for investigating the possibility to summarize normal articulatory patterns for talkers with mid Swedish accent. Five adults, four females and one male, participated in the study. Measurements were made on the nine Swedish speech segments /t/, /d/, /n/, [(], [(], /s/, [(], [(] and [(]. The EPG-frame showing maximum lingual/palatal contact was chosen for analyses. The Contact Index Method for data reduction was used resulting in three indices values: Contact Anteriority (CA), Contact Posteriority (CP) and Contact Centrality (CC). Measurements of central tendencies and variability were implemented on the indices values and a confidence interval of 95% was calculated to make the results statistically relevant. The results showed the possibility to separate segments with different place and manner of articulation from each other to large extent. The method used, however, did not manage to show possible coarticulatory effects on segments resulting from different vowel contexts.

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