Research Seminars in 2000

Spring Term

Björn Lindblom & Randy Diehl: Phonetics factors underlying distinctiveness in phonology

Fred Cummins (Dublin): Movements made audible: On control and co-ordination in speech production

Adrian Simpson (Kiel): Why do men speak faster? Acoustic and articulatory consequences of differences in vocal tract dimensions

Lena Bergström (Uppsala): "Buckling är rökt strumming" Om det u-haltiga ö-ljudets förutsättningar

Diana Krull & Hartmut Traunmüller: Perception of Estonian quantity

Francisco Lacerda, Ulla Sundberg & Eeva Koponen: Children's perception of manipulated speech (speech tempo, transitions)

Francisco Lacerda, Ulla Sundberg & Eeva Koponen: Presentation of the Ericsson project

Francisco Lacerda, Ulla Sundberg & Eeva Koponen: On the emergence of meaning in early infancy

Björn Lindblom & S-J Moon: Physiological energy costs when producing speech

Christine Ericsdotter, Björn Lindblom & Johan Stark: The APEX project

Mark Tatham (University of Essex): Prosodics modelling for synthesis - perspectives

Josefina Larsson & Anita McAllister: Electropalatography (EPG) - normative data and clinical applications

Farah Moniri: Memory models and memory systems

Fall Term

Diana Krull & Olle Engstrand: CV-syllbles in spontaneous speech

Diana Krull & Christine Ericsdotter Bresin: Report from "Patterns of speech sounds in unscripted communication: Production, perception, phonology", Akademie Sankelmark, Germany.

Hartmut Traunmüller: Report from The International Conference of Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP), Beijing.

Olle Engvall: A study of Swedish fricatives with EPG and Movetrack

Ulla Sundberg: Do phonetic specifications change in child-directed speech as a function of the child's age? A study of VOT in speech directed to 12 month old infants

(Most of the seminars were held in Swedish. This list gives approximate English translations of their tiltles.)

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