/r/ in some Swedish dialects: preliminary observations  

Damra Muminovic & Olle Engstrand

Proceedings of Fonetik 2001, the XIVth Swedish Phonetics Conference, Örenäs, May 30 - June 1, 2001. Working Papers, Department of Linguistics, Lund University 49: 120-123.


Acoustic and auditory properties of r were examined in nine Swedish dialects. The sounds were produced in intervocalic position by several upper middle aged male speakers. Approximant r variants outnumbered fricatives and taps. Trills occurred just marginally. Acoustical analysis of the approximants suggested a fair amount of overlap between dialects in the F2/F3 space, but some dialects were relatively well separated. Auditorily, four place categories (prealveolar, postalveolar, retroflex and back) could be discerned fairly reliably. These were separated to some extent in the F2/F3 space, but retroflex and back r could not be separated solely in terms of F2 and F3. This acoustic similarity may contribute to explaining the notorious articulatory variability of r.

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