Emerging Cognitive Abilities in Early Infancy  

Francisco Lacerda, Claes von Hofsten & Mikael Heimann (eds.)

Mahwah, N.J.: L. Erlbaum Associates (2001), 270 p.
ISBN: 0-8058-2669-6

This book is based on a symposium held in Grangärde, Sweden.


K.F. Condry, W.C. Smith, E.S. Spelke: Development of Perceptual Organization.

Y. Munakata: Task Dependency in Infant Behavior: Toward an Understanding of the Processes Underlying Cognitive Development.

M.H. Johnson: Infants' Initial "Knowledge" of the World: A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective.

C. von Hofsten: On the Early Development of Action, Perception, and Cognition.

F. Lacerda, U. Sundberg: Auditory and Articulatory Biases Influence the Initial Stages of the Language Acquisition Process.

P.K. Kuhl: Speech, Language, and Developmental Change.

B.L. Davis, B. Lindblom: Phonetic Variability in Baby Talk and Development of Vowel Categories.

P.W. Jusczyk: In the Beginning was the Word...

M. Legerstee: Domain Specificity and the Epistemic Triangle: The Development of the Concept of Animacy in Infancy.

A.N. Meltzoff, M.K. Moore: "Discovery Procedures" for People and Things--The Role Representation and Identity.

M. Heimann: Neonatal Imitation--A "Fuzzy" Phenomenon?

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