Assessing the significance of Tallal's transform  

Ulla Bjursäter, Eeva Koponen, Francisco Lacerda & Ulla Sundberg

Fonetik 2002, the XVth Swedish Phonetics Conference, Fysikcentrum, Stockholm, May 29 - 31, 2002. Quartely Progress and Status Report (Department of Speech, Music and Hearing and Centre for Speech Technology, KTH, Stockholm) 44: 141-144.


The perceptual significance of enhancing amplitude contrasts at the onset of formant transitions in CV-syllables and of reducing the "speaking" tempo was studied with a group of normally developing school children. Natural and synthetic speech stimuli were used in the perception experiments. A total of 83 children, second and third graders, were tested on their ability to discriminate between CV-syllables presented in pairs. The results indicate that the children's discrimination performance resisted acoustic manipulations of both the natural and synthetic stimuli. Neither spectral nor timing manipulations rendered significant differences in discrimination results.

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