Perceptual weight of three acoustical correlates to focal accent  

Peder Livijn

In the Proceedings of Fonetik 2003, the XVI Swedish Phonetics Conference, Lövånger, June 2-4, 2003. Phonum 9: 125-128.


Focal accent, which indicates that a particular word is particularly important in its sentence context, is associated with a number of acoustic correlates such as f0 movements, duration and overall intensity. The purpose of the present experiment was to examine the relative perceptual weight of these correlates and to determine to what extent individual correlates are sufficiently robust to bring about the perception of a focal accent. An analysis of listeners misperceptions indicated that f0 and duration have equal perceptual weights whereas intensity appears to be of little or no importance. This suggests that the combined effect of the f0 and duration parameters acts to enhance the focal accent more efficiently than any one of these correlates could do on its own.

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