On the linguistic implications of context-bound adult-infant interactions  

Francisco Lacerda, Ellen Marklund, Lisa Lagerkvist, Lisa Gustavsson, Eeva Klintfors & Ulla Sundberg

In the Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Epigenetic Robotics (EPIROB 2004). Lund University Cognitive Studies 117: 149-150.


This poster presents a study of the linguistic in-formation potentially available in adult speech di-rected to 3-month-old infants. The repetitive nature of the speech directed to young infants and the eco-logical context of the adult-infant natural interac-tion setting are analyzed in the light of the "Eco-logical theory of language acquisition" proposed by Lacerda et al. (2004, this volume). The analysis of transcripts of adult-infant inter-action sessions suggests that enough information to derive general noun associations may be available as a consequence of the particular context of the adult-infant interactions during the early stages of the language acquisition process.

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