The postvocalic consonant as a complementary cue to the perception of quantity in Swedish  

Bosse Thorén

In the Proceedings of Fonetik 2004, the XVII Swedish Phonetics Conference, Stockholm, May 26-28, 2004: 148-151.


There have been discussions and studies concerning the possible influence of the postvocalic consonant on the discrimination of /V:C/ and /VC:/ words in Swedish. This study uses manipulations of durations in two series - one with changing of vowel duration only and one with changing of vowel and consonant duration in combination. Native Swedish listeners decided whether they perceived test words as original quantity type or not. The results indicate that the complementary consonant duration has an influence only on the vowel phonemes that have great spectral differences between long and short vowel allophone, in this case /a/ and /"u"/. Test words containing /E/ and /ř/ were affected by vowel duration only. The study also includes naturalness judgements of the test words, and here the post-vocalic consonant duration did not have any systematic influence on naturalness.

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