/r/ realizations by Swedish two-year-olds: preliminary observations  

Eklund, P., Engstrand, O., Gustafsson, K., Ivachova, E. & Karlsson, Å.

In the Proceedings of Fonetik 2005, Göteborg, 25-27 May 2005: 63-66.


We report auditory observations on /r/ approximations produced by 11 Swedish 2-year-olds. About half of the 1291 expected instances of /r/ were either realized as vocoids or just dropped. Most of the contoid realizations were approximants or fricatives whereas taps, flaps, trills, laterals, nasals and stops occurred mar-ginally. This was roughly consistent with the phonetic norms for the ambient language. The most frequently occurring places of articulation were coronals, palatals and, to some extent, glottals. Some of this place variation could be explained in terms of number of attempted word types suggesting that both vocabulary size and ambient-languge-like /r/ productions constitute different aspects of linguistic matur-ity in young children.

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