Phonological Demands vs. System Constraints in an L2 Setting  

Thorén, B.

Proceedings of Fonetik 2006, the XIXth Swedish Phonetics Conference, Lund, June 7-9, 2006. Working Papers 52, Department of Linguistics, Lund University: 133-136.


How can system constraints and phonological output demands influence articulation in a L2- speaker? When measuring durations and articulator movements for some Swedish /V C/ and /VC / words, pronounced by a Swedish and a Polish speaker, it appeared that phonological vowel length was realized very similarly by both speakers, while complementary consonant length was applied only by the native Swedish speaker. Furthermore, the tendency for increased openness in short (lax) vowel allophones was manifested in analogous jaw and lip movements in the Swedish speaker, but followed a different pattern in the Polish speaker.


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