Contributions to FONETIK 98, the eleventh Swedish Phonetics Conference,
held at the Department of Linguistics, Stockholm University, May 27-29, 1998

The papers have been published in the Proceedings of FONETIK 98, Peter Branderund and Hartmut Traunmüller (eds.), Dept. of Linguistics, Stockholm University (1998), ISBN 91-89192-03-6, on the pages indicated here below.

Åsa Abelin: "Phonesthemes in Swedish", 110 - 113, html-version.

Eva Agelfors, Jonas Beskow, Martin Dahlquist, Björn Granström, Magnus Lundeberg, Karl - Erik Spens, Tobias Öhman: "The synthetic face from a hearing impaired view", 200 - 203, html-version.

Robert Bannert: "Two thousand and one syllables in spoken Standard Swedish: aspects of syllabification", 72 - 75, pdf-version.

Dawn M. Behne, Peter E. Czigler, Kirk P. H. Sullivan: "Perceived vowel quantity and postvocalic voicing in Swedish", 114 - 117, pdf-version.

Dawn M. Behne, Peter E. Czigler, Kirk P. H. Sullivan: "Perception of Swedish vowel quantity by native Swedish versus British English listeners", 68 - 71, pdf-version.

Jonas Beskow: "A tool for teaching and development of parametric speech synthesis", 162 - 165, pdf-version.

Sven Björsten: "Spread zones and residual zones according to J. Nichols: implications for phonological typology", 12 - 15, html-version.

Mats Blomberg: "Speech recognition using long-distance relations in an utterance" (Abstract only), 166. There is a ps-version of the full length paper, not included in the printed proceedings.

Peter Branderud, Hans-Jerker Lundberg, Jaroslava Lander, Hassan Djamshidpey, Ivar Wäneland, Diana Krull, Björn Lindblom: "X-ray analyses of speech: Methodological aspects", 168 - 171, html-version.

Alice Carlberger: "Lexicons and grammar for speech recognition in an engineering design program (ICAD)", 172 - 175, .

Wim A. van Dommelen: "Production and perception of preaspiration in Norwegian", 20 - 23, html-version.

Olle Engstrand, Sven Björsten, Gösta Bruce, Anders Eriksson: "Phonetic preconditions for historical sound change - evidence from the dialects", 24 - 27, html-version.

Olle Engstrand, Karen Williams, Francisco Lacerda: "Is babbling language-specific? A listening test using vocalizations produced by Swedish and American 12- and 18-month-olds", 118 - 121, html-version.

Olov Engwall: "A 3D vocal tract model for articulatory and visual speech synthesis", 196 - 199, html-version.

Christine Ericsdotter: "Effects of stress and speaking rate on the Italian geminate contrast: durational measurements", 102 - 105, html-version.

Gunnar Fant, Anita Kruckenberg: "Prominence and accentuation. Acoustical correlates", 142 - 145, html-version.

Johan Frid: "Vowel reduction and the perception of words", 36 - 39, html-version.

Joakim Gustafson, Kåre Sjölander: "Educational tools for speech technology", 176 - 179, html-version with links to software.

Petra Hansson: "Pausing in spontaneous speech", 158 - 161, html-version.

Åsa Hällgren, Bertil Lyberg: "Lip movements in non-focal and focal position for visual speech synthesis", 192 - 195, .

Mattias Heldner, Eva Strangert: "On the amount and domain of focal lengthening in Swedish two-syllable words", 154 - 157, pdf-version.

Pétur Helgason: "Preaspiration in Swedish and its implications for historical sound change", 16 - 19, html-version.

M. Horne, G. Bruce, P. Hansson, M. Filipsson: "Boundary-signalling in discourse: the case of Swedish men, an ambiguous cue word", 138 - 141, html-version.

David House, Dik Hermes, Frédéric Beaugendre: "Perception of tonal rises and falls for accentuation and phrasing: Swedish listener results", 146 - 149, html-version.

Iréne Johansson, Karin Bengtsson: "Flexible palatal plate in speech therapy in children with Down's syndrome", 122 - 125, html-version.

I. Karlsson, T. Banziger, J. Dankovicová, T. Johnstone, J. Lindberg, H. Melin, F. Nolan, K. Scherer: "Within speaker variation due to induced stress", 150 - 153, html-version.

Petter Karlström, Malin Lillvik, Lena Hartelius: "M.C. Bouncy - a computer program for training speech rate reduction", 86 - 89, .

Diana Krull: "Perception of quantity in Estonian: a preliminary study of words excised from conversational speech", 106 - 109, html-version.

Catharina KylanderUnger: "Quantifying articulatory ease in Swedish Sign Language", 126 - 128, .

Francisco Lacerda: "On the emergence of phonological structure", 60 - 63, html-version.

Per Lindblad: "The production of []", 94 - 97, .

Per Lindblad: "The production and transcription of voiced fricatives and approximants", 98 - 101, .

Björn Lindblom, John H. Davis: "Calculating and measuring the energy costs of speech movements", 32 - 35, html-version.

Robert McAllister, James E. Flege, Thorsten Piske: "The role of age of learning in L2 prosody", 64 - 67, html-version.

Lennart Nord, Sheri Hunnicutt, Elisabet Rosengren: "ENABL - Access to design by speech recognition: analysis of dysarthric voices", 82 - 85, ps-version.

Sven Öhman: "Phonetics vs. phonology in the linguistic study of pronunciation", 28 - 30, .

Tomas Riad: "Curl, stød and generalized accent 2", 8 - 11, html-version.

Kristin Rosen, Lynn Chapman: "Reliance on auditory feedback in speech production", 44 - 47, .

Liselotte Roug-Hellichius: "Communicative grunts: an adaptive phonetic phenomenon?", 56 - 59, html-version.

Lena Santamarta: "The linguistic component of the Swedish Reverse Directory Service", 180 - 183, word97 & html-version.

Frank Schlichting, Kirk P. H. Sullivan: "Increased discrimination - a consequence of repeated exposure to an imitation of a familiar voice?", 130 - 133, pdf-version.

Donald Shankweiler: "Toward a neurolinguistic understanding of reading and dyslexia" (Abstract only), 76. Reference, published elsewhere: pdf-version.

C. Sheard, J. van Doorn: "Effects of pauses on the intelligibility of dysarthric speech", 78 - 81, .

Johan Stark, Christine Ericsdotter, Björn Lindblom, Johan Sundberg: "Using X-ray data to calibrate the APEX articulatory synthesis model", 184 - 187, html-version.

Eva Strangert, Mattias Heldner: "On the amount and domain of focal lengthening in two - syllable and longer Swedish words", 154 - 157, pdf-version.

Ulla Sundberg: "Segmental and suprasegmental aspects in infant-directed speech", 53 - 55, html-version.

Kari Suomi: "EPG data on three Finnish coronal consonants", 90 - 93, .

Hartmut Traunmüller: "Modulation and demodulation in production, perception, and imitation of speech and bodily gestures", 40 - 43, html-version.

Pär Wretling, Anders Eriksson: "Is articulatory timing speaker specific? - Evidence from imitated voices", 48 - 51, pdf-version.

Sasha Yampolsky, Lisa Volynskaya, Charles Haynes, Paul Macaruso: "Adapting assessment tools for culturally diverse populations: a methodological challenge", 188 - 191 .

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