Talofa lava! Malo e lelei! 'Ia ora na! Aloha! Kia ora! This is the electronic home of the Polynesian Languages and Literature Group - POLLI. We are a group of people sharing an interest in, and love for, Polynesian languages, spoken in Polynesia, a large group of islands and archipelagoes in the South Pacific. Our web network - the POLLInet - includes texts in Polynesian languages, general information about these languages, a mailing list and more. Explore POLLInet from our table of contents below. Or you can navigate from the quick reference bar to the left.

Beach in Takapoto, Tuamotu Islands
Photo: Niklas Jonsson © 1993


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Important message!!!

POLLI is building a Polynesian text archive. If you speak a Polynesian language, please, contact us! We gratefully accept text contributions in form of any written material in any Polynesian language, preferably with a translation or summary of contents in English. Contact the POLLI Text Archives manager.

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