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  Title & print pages (66Kb)
  Abstract (43Kb)
  Table of Contents (83Kb)
  Abbreviations and principles of glossing (111Kb)
  Preface (79Kb)
  Maps (235Kb)
  Plates 1 (2245Kb), Plates 2 (2903Kb)
  Introduction (284Kb)
  Kuot and its speakers (397Kb)
  Phonology (558Kb)
  Word Classes and overview of morphology (231Kb)
  Nouns (446Kb)
  References (109Kb)
  Appendix I: Person-marking forms (73Kb)
  Appendix II: Kuot text (205Kb)
  Appendix III: Swadesh's 100-word list (113Kb)
  Appendix IV: Kin diagrams (96Kb)


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