Hartmut Traunmüller

Hartmut Traunmüller
Professor emeritus
Institutionen för lingvistik
Stockholms universitet
S - 106 91 Stockholm


Fields of research
Speech perception
Paralinguistic phonetics en se
Interlinguistics eo

Research projects
    Paralinguistic variation in speech and how to handle it in speech technology
    Separation of linguistic and other information in speech en en
Audiovisuell integration och talperceptionsteori, Web experiments .
The nature of speech en se
The international vocabulary

Tutorial and technical information
En tur i fonetikens marker (A tour in the domains of phonetics)
F0 and vowel perception | Modulation Theory of Speech | Age and sex manipulations
Wolfgang von Kempelen and history of speech synthesis Links
Auditory scales of frequency representation: Converter
    Ljudvågor i luften | Proper names of consonants
IPAKLICK (phonetic typewriter)
Audiovisual perception of vowels (Demo) se de fr

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