Hartmut Traunmüller (1995) "Some effects of extra- and paralinguistic variation on the phonetic quality of vowels" Proceedings, ICPhS-95, vol 2: 554 - 557.

ABSTRACT. The /i/ - /e/ boundary value of F1 was investigated for synthetic vowels in which the higher formants and F0 had been varied to mimick naturally occurring between- and within-speaker variation. In one experiment, there was a leading phrase whose F1 occurred in original and in shifted positions. Its F0 and higher formants were kept compatible with the test vowel. The leading phrase was always phonated, but whispered test vowels were used in addition to phonated ones. In another experiment, the same test vowels were presented without leading phrase. The results are compatible with a theory according to which listeners `tune in' to a speech signal and recover the linguistic information by evaluating the formant frequencies etc. with respect to what they expect under the given extra- and paralinguistic conditions.

This report is affected by errors in the summation of the subjects' responses.

Other publications by H. Traunmüller, Phonetics Lab, Dept. of Linguistics, Stockholm University

Posted in August 1996