I am currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Linguistics, Stockholm University, with funding from the Swedish Research Council. My main interests are in typology and language geography. I am also very interested in issues of grammaticalization, lexicalization and language description. The domain of functional syntax is slowly breaking into my world through my current project on negation of non-verbal and existential sentences.

I started as an English and French major at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria, went through a Germanic phase which resulted in choosing to study Swedish there, and after a couple of scholarships I ended up settling down in Sweden. I spent three awesome years in the US where I worked for the LINGUIST List, learned UNIX, web and database design amd explored the libraries of the Midwest. I also hit the road at every chance I got.

When I don't do linguistics, you can spot me trotting around with my tripod; or dancing my life away; or driving on an open highway (preferably in America). Generally, there will never be enough of art, travel, languages and music. Some bits of those are under my buttons to the left. Stay and explore them if you like.

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