Hur man undviker att disputera

(How to avoid graduation)

I wrote this text in Swedish in 1993. Recently, two of my graduate students have discovered yet another graduation-avoiding strategy: they have spent their time translating the Swedish text into some less exotic languages. This means that Hur man undviker att disputera/How to avoid graduation/Wie komme ich darum herum, meine Dissertation zu schreiben now exists  in three different versions to be found below. I thank Ljuba Veselinova and Bernhard Wälchli for at the same time advancing the art of graduation-avoidance and making my text available to Ph.D. students all over the world. Who knows -- maybe someone among them will translate it into French, Latin, or Esperanto? Or maybe draw some nice pictures?

-- Östen Dahl

Svenska: Hur man undviker att disputera
English: How to avoid graduation (PDF-file -- Acrobat Reader needed)
German: Wie komme ich darum herum, meine Dissertation zu schreiben

Necessary cultural background knowledge

The background picture shows the traditional Swedish doktorshatt 'doctoral hat' worn at festive occasions by persons with a doctoral degree. Regrettably, my own faculty does not adhere to this tradition, awarding instead a low-budget laurel wreath.

Sam Ask was a legendary överliggare at Lund University. An överliggare is a person who spends a major part of his life at a university without ever getting a degree. I have taken the liberty of inventing a fictitious descendant of Ask, and equipping him with a honorary bachelor's degree..